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2019 PK Football Registration



Welcome to the 2019 PK Football Registration with Paul Kane High School! This is just the beginning of the development of our team for the 2019 season and we're thrilled you've considered joining us. This is an introduction to high school football and acts to provide student athletes with an enjoyable, challenging activity that makes the transition to Grade 10 a lot of fun. Remember, whether you've played football before or this will be your first exposure, it takes all kinds to make this work.- so don't worry about your lack of experience if you haven't played before. If you have played before it will be great to have your leadership in building our team for the 2019 season.


The following are Fall Camp dates,  a breakdown of fees and Coach Contact information.


Fall Training Camp

August 19 3:00pm-7:30pm

August 20-23 Meetings and Practice 4:30pm-8:00pm  Paul Kane High School

August 26-29 TBD



2019 Football Fees:



Fall Camp:


$490.00 Registration Fee

  • Covers League Fees, Busing, Hudl Film Sessions, Game Film, Tape and Medical, Mouth guard,  Equipment/Uniform Rental, Team Picture.

$60.00  Mandatory Clothing Fee

  • Player receives Practice Shorts,  Practice T-Shirt, Game Compression Shirt and Game Socks.
  • $35.00 Girdle if you need to purchase (All players must provide their own girdle)

$600.00  Equipment Deposit (Post Dated Cheque)

  • To be returned, uncashed, once all equipment has been returned at the end of the season. If the equipment is lost or damaged the cheque will be cashed. Please provide an Equipment Deposit Cheque postdated to November 30, 2019, and payable to Paul Kane High School.




If you have any questions or concerns please contact:

Rob Strecker, Senior Head Coach at

Cell 780-232-7517

Hope to see you on the field in 2019!


Rob Strecker

Head Coach

Phone: 780-459-4405